SEO & digital marketing

Maximize your web presence with doing best practices in SEO and the right digital marketing.

Once you put in the time and money to develop your website maximize who will see it by doing the best practices of SEO. Every little change adds up to make a improvement in your Google ranking. Once people are coming to your site make sure that you’re marketing to them accordingly by doing the right retargeting ads.

SEO Best Practices recommendation:

• Full Keyword Research
• Metadata Optimization
• Title Tag Creation
• Meta Description Creation
• H1 Tag Optimization
• Image (Alt) Tag Creation
• Content Optimization
• XML Sitemap Creation
• Robots.txt Review
• Site Speed Optimization
• HTACCESS Optimization
• Full Website URL Canonicalization
• Internal Linking Optimization

SEO Services:

• SEO & AdWords Marketing
• Editorial content planning for SEO
• Remarketing and Retargeting Direct
• Google AdWords and Bing
Advertising (PPC)
• Google AdWords and the Google
Display Network (GDN)
• Website content recommendations
to improve SEO

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